The First World Hotel-Take Your Pick of 6,118 Rooms

The First World Hotel is located in Genting, which also happens to be home to the largest resort in the world.  We are getting the distinct impression that Genting likes to do things big.

So it certainly seems fitting that one of the world’s largest hotels graces the world’s largest reThe First World Hotel Genting Largest Hotelsort.  The First World Hotel boasts a staggering 6,118 rooms, making it the third largest hotel in the world in terms of number of rooms.  We wonder how large their maid staff is…

The hotel almost looks like it is constructed of leggos from afar, we gather they are into bright colors in Genting, you certainly cannot miss it.

It was the largest hotel in the world, until the arrival of the Palazzo, which is an expansion of the Venetian in Las Vegas.  Even traveling to this monstrous hotel can be fun, as you can take the world’s fastest, and Asia’s longest cable car-which bolts up to 6 meters per second!

And as for entertainment, the First World Hotel is adjoined to the First World Plaza, which features 500,000 square feet of fun in the form of a theme park, shopping center and culinary delight.   This is a popular destination for travelers to the area, and locals in search of a big time.

There are Superior Deluxe and World Club accommodations available in the new tower, complete with modern amenities and exclusive luxury décor, adding the option of luxury to this enormous hotel.

The concept seems to encompass the convenience of having all things under one roof, albeit one really big roof!  For more on exotic travel, luxury rental cars, or the world’s largest resort in Genting, follow links to our luxury blog.  You know you want to.

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