China Unveils 3D Express Coach, Welcome to the Future!

When I first glimpsed this photo online, I felt the thrill that small children feel when they get a new idea that they shouldn’t, which must have been how the designer felt when he came up with it! This is so crazy, so innovative, and so logical that it may actually work to solve China’s overpopulation crisis.  What is it?  Glad you asked.3D Express Coach China

Meet the ‘3D Express Coach’, and while I cannot say that the branding efforts are impressive, the idea certainly is!  It is a bus that just runs over cars on the streets.  The 3D Express Coach is like a train, only without the additional space wasted on tracks.  It runs on svelte tracks that are positioned as part of the road, like guardrails.  It is a hoverbus!  Imagine the commute times slashed by avoiding traffic issues!  No one with any brains would drive in the city again, leading to not only a more functional city, but also a greener one!  Oh the possibilities.

They even look cool.  Once the initial shock of something this awesome faded eFifth Element Movie Car Chasenough to process additional thoughts, I began to picture hovercrafts filling the space above the cars and overlapping the busses, creating essentially the car chase scene from ‘The Fifth Element’.  A brilliant mosaic of wasted space saved, and beings freed to move about rather than wait in line.  Now this is progress.  Yes, the future is certainly coming together, literally! 

The 3D Express Coach project was developed by Shenzhen Huashi Future Car-Parking.  The purpose is to utilize the space between regular-size cars and bridges, thus saving construction costs while simultaneously minimizing congestion.  I wonder if I would be nervous driving a luxury car rental under one.  Either way, vehicle infrastructure is beginning to overlap in more sophisticated ways, and that is extensively exciting.

What is more exciting?  This is no concept, folks, Huashi will commence building the first 186 km of track by the end of the year in Beijing’s Mentougou district!  I may need to make a trip to Beijing next year.



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