Video: Christian Von Koenigsegg Piloting a Bugatti Veyron

The video below shows Christian Von Koenigsegg, founder of Koenigsegg, piloting competitor Bugatti’s Veyron supercar. While the clip calls it a rolling start race, it just appears to be a bit of fun. For one thing, there is a passenger action and that is added weight, indicating it is not a serious go-round but likely rather simply for jollies.
The cars are a Koenigsegg CCXR and a Bugatti Veyron. The clip was filmed at an airstrip located in Angelholm, Sweden, where Koenigsegg is based and maintains operations. It is not uncommon for competitors to drive each other’s machines, because what better way to know exactly what you are pitted against than to grip the wheel and give it a go? Watch Koenigsegg’s head meet gravity when he accelerates the Bugatti Veyron—if Bugatti fails to utilize this treasure in some mad marketing, well…perhaps they are mad!

Christian Von KoenigseggThe Koenigsegg CCXR boasts a healthy 4.7-liter V8 engine nourished with biofuel. It produces 1,018 horsepower to the Veyron’s 1,200 and feeds it to the rear wheels. The Bugatti Veyron, as we all know, packs that special W16 engine, which is a pair of V8’s married for the love of all things fast and exceptionally thirsty. Her power is distributed to all four wheels. Which would you prefer to drive if the two were racing full throttle? Chime in below!

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