5 Ways An Exotic Car Rental Benefits Your Business

One of the most justified and frequently asked questions we get here at Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals from our corporate clients is “How much is that going to cost me?” When it comes to corporate luxury car rentals, the answer is not a simple number. Avoid the mistake of going cheap with the following tips and tricks.

Exotic car rental benefitsUse the list below when considering how an exotic sports car rental will benefit your business for the next event:

5. Increase revenue. If the notion of investing $1,400 to spend the day utilizing a Lamborghini, Ferrari or other supercar to increase company revenue sounds crazy, do the math. Imagine your company is hosting a well-attended annual event or fundraiser. While it is always in the green in terms of success, you would like to take it up to the next level. Sprinkle an exotic sports car or two out front to impress and perhaps shuttle your VIP clients to and from their respective rides. Even a 5% increase in business can turn into big dollars. That growth percentage will only grow with your maintained image.

4. Tread on the competition. Why slowly erode at the rock walls of competitors like a river slicing out its bed when you can slam down the pedal and enjoy their demise in the rearview mirror? Luxury items like high-end automobiles announce success. What better way to build trust, earn new business and stand apart as a solid foundation? Many companies try to go cheap and it certainly comes across that way—invest in the image and reap the rewards.

3. Marketing materials—The cost of renting exotic cars is miniscule when compared to the ROI. There are endless marketing and social media campaigns involving sports cars and private jets that can benefit the corporate image. For example, if you happen to be a corporate travel agency, your clients will be in need of a Ferrari rental when they book through you—should you have such photos brightly displayed on your website and available at your disposal? Or if you are an insurance company, your clients need to see that you can cover the types of luxury vehicles they purchase. Earn their business by picking them up in a Lamborghini while you are courting that account—the opportunities for growth are endless.

2. Client appreciation leads to financial appreciation. This statement is proven time and again in big business. It often takes savvy courting to obtain and maintain larger accounts. What better way to wow than with a classy Rolls-Royce rental for those critical dates?

1. Diversification. Even if a competitor picks up on your pizzazz and tries to copy, diversification of your brand will clearly separate you in terms of status. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. When they are constantly scrambling to recreate your last move, you will have already made the next one. Eventually, it will be possible to create parodies if you feel your clientele would enjoy that route.

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