Colts are 14-0, Are the Horses Heading to Miami for Super Bowl 44?

Indianapolis Colts Peyton Manning As I write this article, I am actually in Indianapolis, Indiana, home of the Colts.  Super Bowl 44 is rapidly approaching, and the Colts are the only team in the NFL to hold a record of 14-0, making them an obvious bet for Super Bowl Miami.  And if I may, the Colts may enjoy the weather in Miami, it was about 20 degrees last night here in Indy! 

Yes, as a former Indy resident who lives in Miami, I can certainly understand why the NFL has once again awarded the 2010 Super Bowl to Miami.  The Pro Bowl will also be hosted in Miami this year, doubling the fun.  The weather is amazing year round, the entertainment is around the clock, the international cuisine draws acclaim, upscale shopping, and of course, the marbled blue and green coastline provides an endless array of sun-drenched activity or exquisite inactivity.  Players and their families, friends and fans have not shortage of options for pleasure in Miami! 

This is actually the record-breaking 10th time that Miami has had the privilege of hosting the Super Bowl, making the luxurious Miami the only place to be this February.  To our fans, know that the best luxury hotels Miami and exotic rental cars began bookings months ago, and there is just over a month until the big game, making it vital that you make your arrangements yesterday, if you wish to enjoy the big week in style!

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