Columbia Police to Use Seized BMW as Patrol Car

In a cool move, Columbia police have obtained permission to use a seized BMW as a patrol car.  This is a guilt-free move, as the police will have the luxury cruiser to use scorn-free, as it was not purchased with taxpayer dollars.

The confiscated car is a 2008 BMW M3, which was taken after the owner was charged with drug possession following the investigation of a DUI crash.  As the rules go, officers are free to seize vehicles involved in such acts, if the courts concur that said vehicle was used to transport felony amounts of drugs.  Under these guidelines, the Columbia police are free to use this luxury car, morphing it into one cruiser sure to extract jealousy among other officers.  I wonder if they will flip a coin to see who gets to use the BMW police cruiser?  I personally prefer the Lamborghini police car, but who is comparing.

Current rules and guidelines require that police departments use seized vehicle profits to benefit programs to reduce drug crimes and violence caused by drugs.  In response, Chief Joe Edwards said the department opted to use this particular BMW as a D.A.R.E. program car.  Officers will drive this car to area schools in efforts to educate the children on the many downfalls of drugs, using the car to show that you can lose your fancy toys that were purchased with drug money.  Yes, this is certainly a savvy way to not only say, but show that cops can snatch your fancy car if you are caught with illegal drugs!

The department intends to use the attention grabbing new luxury car for around a year, after wBMW Police Car Columbiahich point it will send it to the auction block and use the profits to purchase two regular patrol cars.  Hey, gotta keep the streets safe! 

The reason for the auction decision other than to invest in more vehicles?  Well, so far the department BMW has cost around $8,000 in repairs, as it was damaged in the DUI crash from which it was confiscated.   Chief Edwards said the funds used to repair the BMW were taken from other drug related seizures.


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