Top 5 Cars Women Hate

It seems it is not just men who hate certain cars with a passion; there are also women who object!  This makes perfect sense, but seeing as how automotive topics are generally engulfed by the male species, it is interesting to get a female perspective.  So without further ado, here are the top 5 cars women hate, according to my mini-survey:

1.    Minivans
2.    Station wagons
VW New Beetle
3.     VW New Beetle
4.    Chrysler Sebring convertible
5.    Oversized pickups
6.    Lamborghini Gallardo…Just kidding.

While most of these may seem obvious, they are also commonly associated as “female favorites”.   The minivan seems obvious, and was the #1 vehicle hated by women.   A minivan takes the image of a sexy woman and runs right over it, leaving the image of a frazzled soccer mom wearing spit-up as an accessory.   Some moms would argue that they are well put together, and maintain their edge during motherhood.

The same sentiment goes for the trusty station wagon.  The station wagon is a historical symbol of devoted mother, and not much more.  It is often the butt of jokes, and far from flattering, even if VW did make a go at it.  You can’t put lipstick on a pig-it is still a station wagon.

General Lee CarSpeaking of Volkswagen, up next is the uber-popular VW New Beetle.  This one fascinated me, as you see mostly women behind the wheel of these diminutive and decidedly “cutesy” cars.  Shockingly, this was among the most hated cars, but gauging from the roadways, this may be a split.  VW certainly went out of its way to target the women in the New Beetle campaign and design, and I would argue they did a damn good job.

The Chrysler Sebring convertible also made the list.  This one I can completely understand, as it was so overproduced.  It seemed for a while there that you could not drive 4 blocks without seeing Sebrings or Ford Mustangs.  The mass production seems to have dissolved the appeal for the females, who often crave individuality.

Pulling into 5th place is the oversized pickup truck.  Drop your tailgate, belch out beer, add tires the size of a small country and you are still the same guy, fellas.  It seems women are not swooning for you to drop a ladder and wisk them away to a chewing tobacco and gun rack filled cabin while you bounce and barrel down the road.  Let’s face it guys, it isn’t the General Lee.  Sorry guys, this one goes to the girls.
Oversized Truck
As for the Lamborghini Gallardo, this is in fact a favorite among females.  It is among the best exotic and luxury rental cars available on the market, and just looks hotter with a woman behind the wheel if I do say so myself!


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