The Coventry Speedback GT Offers Flavor and Power

The Coventry Speedback GT by David Brown Automotive is a breath of new air hitting the automotive circuit. The asking price of $925,000+ has failed to terrify potential buyers, as orders have already been placed for the trendy ride.

At first glance, the Coventry Speedback GT looks rather like the product of an Aston Martin/Jaguar one-night stand. The unique features that mold her final personality also lend a sense of classic cars from the past with a touch of elegance. The nice lady has had a full year of touring automotive shows across Europe and is potentially poised to invite flirtations from a larger market base.

Coventry Speedback GT The Coventry Speedback GT at a glance:

  • Under her diminutive hood lurks a thirsty 5.0-liter V8 engine. With the power and appearances, the Speedback GT is certainly every inch supercar material.
  • With such a svelte form and robust engine, she nails the 0-60 mile per hour sprint in an impressive 4.8 seconds. Top speed is somewhat less than expected, limited at 155 miles per hour. Though her intended owners are the metropolitan types, so while it is nice to own a machine with an insanely high top speed to boast about— most city drivers know that the opportunity to ever take a car up to their potential speeds without reserving track time is…well…a bit of a pipe dream!
  • That distinctive Jaguar vibe stems from the Jaguar XKR chassis. It was stripped bare and rebuilt using just the lower section, though it is difficult to mask in the finished product.
  • Each unit consumes an estimated 3,000 man-hours to create, with just 10 people managing the process. From hand-formed panels to custom leather interiors, the Speedback GT is every inch bespoke.
  • Alan Mobberly, who has had a hand in projects with Peugeot, Land Rover and Austin Morris, designed the Speedback GT.

Coventry Speedback GT Interested parties should note that just 100 units of the Coventry Speedback GT are scheduled for the production run.

Coventry Speedback GT

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