Customer Confession Emails: Another Satisfied Speed Demon

Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals gets revved up when we hear from our friends and clients! Below is an email received recently from Marty, who tore up the track in a Lamborghini at one of our awesome driving experiences. Check out what he had to say to help you decide if this would be something you would be interested in experiencing!

Lamborghini rental

One of our gorgeous Lamborghini rental cars at Imagine Lifestyles headquarters

“Hey Ryan,
Just as an FYI–this gig was AWESOME! We just loved it! All 4 of my grandkids came, plus my 93 year old mother, and other family members as well. I got my 3 laps in the Lambo…and referred to the whole gig as Lambo Day.

I told everyone I met about it both beforehand, and especially afterwards. I’m talking family, friends, co-workers, and perfect strangers…even people in the same row on an airplane…or in the next seat at the bar. Such a blast! One gal I work with already booked her dad.

What I didn’t realize was that my son, Aaron Starr, who gave this to me as a birthday present, also booked tickets for himself and his brother Brian, who was coming just to watch.  Imagine that!!! So they ran as well. And the helmet video was superb. A fantastic goodie that is really and truly irreplaceable! So the whole gig goes in the family logbook. And much thanks for giving Aaron some replacement laps for him getting stopped on the track a couple of time due to issues with the car in front of him.

Can’t thank you enough!


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Thanks for taking the time to tell us how much you enjoyed the experience, Marty! We hope to see you again!


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