Luxury Cars Get Vandalized, Paris Hilton to Blame?


Paris Hilton can’t seem to escape the law. The celebutante has previously served jail time for DUI charges and now Hilton is being questioned about her neighbors vandalized cars. After several of Ms. Hilton’s new neighbors’ cars were keyed and egged, the Los Angeles police questioned Paris Hilton. The Hollywood Hills neighborhood got Ms. Hilton back recently, as her re-renovated home was complete. The party girl threw a "welcome back" party for herself, that went on until 4 a.m., causing some neighbors to complain to the police. The same complaining neighbors awoke to find their cars vandalized, revenge really? Paris, aren’t you like almost 30 now? The cars that got keyed and egged included a $1.4 million Bugatti Veyron, a pair of maseratis, and two Bentleys. To all of this Paris said, "We had nothing to do with this. My blue Bentley was egged and I even filed a victim’s report." Oh the scandel!