Discover 5 Secret Mansions That Celebrities Rent – Luxury Mansion Rentals

It should come as no surprise that celebrities will rent mansions from time to time. Not everyone wants to settle down in one location, and many have a hard time paying $25 million at one time just to call themselves a homeowner. Instead, the A-listers decide to rent around the United States for a few months at a time. They settle into luxury in a variety of different mansions, providing marble, chandeliers, high-end appliances, and spectacular views.

1. Lenox Hill Townhouse

Sonya Morgan, one of the Real Housewives of New York, rents her townhouse, better described as a mansion. The five-story, five-bedroom home rents for approximately $32,000 a month. Located on the Upper East Side, it boasts landscaped gardens, several fireplaces throughout the home, and a spa-style bathroom. The master bathroom has a claw tub and a crystal chandelier that hangs over it, providing the ultimate level of luxury.

2. Tribeca Apartment

Not all mansions have to be single-family homes. Jennifer Lawrence has been known to rent her apartment in Tribeca to various celebrities (as well as anyone else) on occasion. The three-bedroom place measures at 3184 ft.². It currently rents for approximately $27,500 a month. The kitchen alone is sigh-worthy with a large kitchen island and state-of-the-art equipment on every wall.

3. Las Flores Beach Mansion

With an amazing view of Las Flores Beach, the mansion owned by Daisy Fuentes is commonly rented to celebrities because of the multiple glass-enclosed balconies that overlook the Pacific Ocean. It’s definitely a party house, though it also features three bedrooms and four baths. She has chosen to rent it out since marrying Richard Marx, where the two purchased a bigger home in Malibu. This home on Las Flores Beach rents for approximately $25,000 a month.

4. South Beach-Front Mansion

Ray Allen of the Miami Heat has been renting an 11,533 square foot beachfront mansion in South Beach for the past few years. You can tour the home to see the nine bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, pool, whirlpool spa, man-made private beach, four-car garage, and even an elevator. It’s undisclosed as to how much he is paying for rent a month, but the view of the beach and the size of the swimming pool might be well worth it.

5. Saddle River Mansion

Mary J. Blige has her home up for sale in Saddle River, New Jersey. While it’s been on the market, a number of celebrities have chosen to rent from her. What could easily be described as a chateau is in high-demand for rent. It offers a French Renaissance style with swimming pools, an impressive wine cellar and much more. No expense was spared when creating this beautiful architectural masterpiece. How much rent celebrities have paid is unknown, but it has to be worth it to be able to stay at an $8.8 million château owned by a nine-time Grammy award winner.

It’s clear that luxury mansion rentals are filled to the brim with the utmost detail. Celebrities aren’t shy about dropping $10,000 or more a month in order to live in the lap of luxury. They do it for privacy as well as to treat themselves. Plus, it makes it easier to continue their high lifestyle when filming in a particular area so that there is no need to stay in a hotel.

There are so many incredible mansions that remain hidden, which is why celebrities can always find someplace not only luxurious but also reclusive to rent. The next one being rented by a celebrity could be in New York City, Miami, or some other metropolitan city.