Do Luxury Cars Equal More Tickets?

Ahh a topic that we can go back and forth, round and round with!  Some adamantly say that wealthy drivers get away with traffic violations on the road more than regular drivers, and some feel that luxury and exotic car drivers are unfairly targeted.  What do you think?

I can understand both sides I suppose.  Some accuse the wealthy of being able to ‘bribe’ themselves out of trouble, while others insist police intentionally target exotic cars on the roadways.  Still others take it a step further and claim that a Lamborghini, Porsche or other luxury car with out of state plates will be a target. 

While there is no scientific proof either way, there was a study conducted by LeaseTrader that showed drivers of luxury cars feel they will be ticketed at a higher rate than regular drivers.   The rest of the study waTraffic Violations in Luxury Carss interesting, showing results from 2,000 drivers broken into 4 categories: Economy car drivers, midsize, SUVs, and luxury cars (like Mercedes M Class or BMW 7-Series).  I wonder if any luxury car rental drivers were polled!

In the survey, 63% of luxury drivers felt they would get popped with a ticket if they dared go even 10 miles over the speed limit, compared with 46% of the midsize drivers, 41% of the SUV drivers and 28% of the economy sized car drivers.

A full 62% of luxury car drivers thought they would definitely get a ticket by running a red light, and only 16% of economy drivers felt that way. 

The survey interested me most in the area of parking.  Most luxury car drivers felt they would not receive a parking ticket, compared to 21% of SUV drivers.   Does this communicate a sense of entitlement?  What do you think about the topic?  Leave comments below.





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