Ferrari Continues Enzo Successor Teasing

The soon-to-be released Ferrari Enzo successor is going to be a raging beast. Exactly how many Prancing Horses this beast will contain remains a mystery, but Ferrari has spilled just a few more tantalizing details to sate the masses!

Enzo Successor

A teaser rendering from Ferrari’s website

Ferrari Enzo

Ferrari Enzo

The name of the next Enzo is a closely guarded secret, but Ferrari has divulged that it will utilize everything that sister Scuderia learned in Formula One. They also said that it would have “a reduction in height and wheelbase to match that of the 458 Italia”.  If the new sibling surpasses the 740-horsepower Berlinetta’s 6.3-liter V12 and uses the latest HY-KERS with a double-clutch, the name will be irrelevant. They could call it a snail and it would sell.

Enzo successor

Enzo car on the track. Compare this to the teaser shot below!

Ferrari claims the secret powertrain is faster from 0-120 miles per hour with an overall emissions reduction of 40%. Torque vectoring and brake force distribution are also improved.  The Enzo replacement has been a 3-year project of Rory Byrne, a Ferrari F1 designer who has experienced 11 world champions with the racing team. Enzo successor

Successor rendering, rear view (Ferrari website).

The chassis will be handcrafted in the F1 composites department and comprised of various types of carbon fiber and cured in an autoclave, F1 monocoque style. The batteries and fuel tank will be located behind the driver’s seat, just like in an F1 car. Word is that the cockpit will be quite custom, with the driver’s seat personalized to fit the buyer. The wheel and pedal box will adjust to accommodate pilots.

That is it thus far, keep holding your breaths and stay tuned for the next Ferrari hypercar! Want more Ferrari? Click here for the top 1o fun Ferrari facts.


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