Shelby Rentals

Memory lane is officially open with our select vintage car rental fleet! Get swept away by an era gone by with a true luxury classic like the 1965 Shelby Cobra 427 convertible. Even celebrities of today keep the spirit alive, Jay Leno also owns a 1965 Shelby Cobra 427! Nothing but the best enters Leno’s luxury car collection, so you know the Shelby is a superior specimen!

Discover how a vehicle can become a time capsule and transform your entire evening into a memory that will go down in your own personal history! Our inventory of vintage cars make a distinct impression for an endless variety of occasions, including anniversaries, weddings, corporate events, business meetings, weekend escapes.

Be the first to show off your sense of history in a classic rental car from Imagine Lifestyles today!

Boston Shelby Rental Cars

Visits sites such as Boston Commons, Bunker Hill Monument, Harvard, Beach Hill and more in the Shelby Cobra. Carroll Shelby created a classic, timeless vehicle in the iconic Shelby Cobra. “The original Cobra 427s are one of the most sought after and expensive classic cars, often cherished and preserved by their...

New Jersey Shelby Rental Cars

Are you a Shelby fan looking for the experience of a lifetime? Than look no further than Imagine Lifestyles for a Shelby rental. At our New Jersey location we have a few options ...

New York Shelby Rental Cars

We have all watched enviously as someone rolled up in a flawless vintage car. Now is your chance to experience the best of the past with Imagine Lifestyle’s newest addition—our luxury vintage car rental fleet! ...

Philadelphia Shelby Rental Cars

There is more to Philly than cheesesteaks—now you can experience the rich history of Philadelphia in a classic Shelby! What better way to enjoy a weekend than cruising around in a vintage Shelby. ...

Washington DC Shelby Rental Cars

Carroll Shelby created a classic, timeless vehicle in the Shelby Cobra. If you are looking for a Shelby Cobra rental in Washington DC look no further. Visits sites such as the White House, Lincoln monument and more in the Shelby Cobra.