Exotic Restaurant Tip: Ninja New York

As you enter the dark corridors of Ninja New York restaurant, you are led down an elevator followed by a ninja passage prior to being seated…at this point, it sounds so cool who cares what the cuisine is like!  Did we mention that patrons have the option of taking the “dangerous route” or the “safe route”? 

As you work up an appetite en route to your table, you will notice that all of the servers are dressed up and play the part of a ninja, which is anNinja New York exciting and unique take on themed and bizarre dining experiences.  This is an ideal dinner escape for the whole family, especially the kiddies.

Your ninja server will not frighten you excessively unless you request special treatment, though he may take you by surprise with his stealthy appearances from the dark!  The fact that it is pitch dark around your table makes you more susceptible to noises you would otherwise not take note of.

As for cuisine, guests have the option of ordering a la carte or from the pre-fixed menus with entrees ranging from $38-$88.  Examples of some of the fare include Scorching Toban, Fish and Chips, and Katana, which is an Angus steak and an Alaskan crab leg dish serving 2 ($50).  Pricier dishes will have a “ninja star” next to them on the menu, which indicates that you will receive a show or magic trick along with the order! 

After all of the exhilaration of the ninja experience, you may be feeling a bit James-Bondish. You can retreat to your exotic rental car NY style, perhaps an Aston Martin rental?  We are certain the valet will not sneak up on you! 

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Exotic Car Rental