Luxury Hybrids-Potential Players?

Is a fuel-efficient gas-electric hybrid luxury car a figment of fantasy, or is this automotive oxymoron potentially an upcoming player in the world of exotic cars? 

Of course the market is the central decision maker on the matter, and it stands to reason that a luxury hybrid could prove quite valuable and perhaps even common in the future, as greener standards are adopted across the board in the automotive industry.

Gaining ground is the concept of marketing high fuel efficiency as an upscale commodity.  Underlying reasons for this paramount shift in operations and opinions include regulatory pressure, fuel prices, oil dependency, and environmental concerns.  The Tesla electric roadster and other electric powered vehicles have certainly helped to spread the sensation.Green Luxury Cars and Hybrids

Luxury brands that are more mainstream are delving into the green scene in attempts to generate their share of the ensuing green.  This green bandwagon is gaining a following, and appears to be growing exponentially. 

The Lexus HS 250h is among the latest hybrid luxury cars from Lexus Toyota.  Developing a high-end car that is also kinder to the environment is balancing indulgence with intelligence, and companies are stepping up to the plate with their versions, ideas and developments. 

Buyers are still going to pay top-dollar for the luxury brand hybrids, compared to say a Pruis.  These buyers are likely not as concerned with the pricetag as with the carbon foot print, however, if they are looking at a BMW to begin with, so the market appears to work. 

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