Extending the Luxury Automotive Experience Into Maintenance

Why invest in a car that costs more than some homes if you can’t keep it looking and performing its absolute best? When it comes to luxury vehicles, a luxury approach to maintenance may be necessary. Thankfully, there are plenty of options for the modern driver. From the clothing that you wear to the quality of tools you utilize, you can invest in luxury items that will have your vehicle gleaming and running like the high-performance machine it is.

Dress for Your Role With Clothing Protection and Boots

Those committed to maintaining their own luxury vehicles know that wear and tear know no season. In fact, colder months and times of increased precipitation may increase the need for maintenance on your vehicle. One of the first things you need to invest in, regarding luxury vehicle maintenance, is the right set of coveralls, as well as a sturdy pair of work boots.

Steel-toed boots are not just for factory workers. They are there for anyone handling heavy items that could prevent a risk to the bones in the feet if dropped on the toes. That will include you, if you are doing work on your car. There are many luxury brands of work boots that combine the function of reinforced toes and protection of integrated leather and rubber with the fashion you would expect from a higher-end product.

Of course, your feet aren’t the only thing you want to protect. Although you likely have a pair of older jeans and a shirt that you don’t mind getting dirty for when you work on your vehicle, you also need to think about your skin and your hair. Obviously, a hat will suffice for protecting your hair, but you will want to invest in the specialized coveralls for when you’re working under your car.

Long sleeves and long pants, ideally in a single piece, will prevent the incursion of fluids from the vehicle and keep your skin and clothing clean. There are many upscale options, including fireproof and even cold weather insulated work suits that will ensure you can comfortably maintain your luxury vehicle even during the worst weather.

Invest In a Quality Set of Basic Tools

The quality of the tools you use will impact your success, as well as your enjoyment of vehicle maintenance. There are certain tools that every home mechanic needs, which include:

·         an air compressor
·         air tools, such as an impact wrench or air powered drills
·         AN wrenches
·         professional-grade crimping tools
·         wire cutters and pliers
·         tap and die sets in both American and metric
·         automotive screwdrivers
·         a torque wrench
·         a comprehensive ratchet and socket set

Although you will only need to use most of these tools occasionally, having them on hand ensures that you can assess and complete any vehicle maintenance tasks quickly and efficiently. Buying luxury tools is important to maintaining your vehicle, if for no other reason then it will keep you enthusiastic about your maintenance tasks.

Handle each tool before purchasing, checking for adequate handle padding and durability. Invest in higher quality metals and more comprehensive, complete sets. There is nothing more frustrating than discovering you simply don’t have the right socket in your ratchet case. To get the best quality items, you may need to speak with a mechanic, who can advise you about the brands that will work best with your make and model of luxury vehicle.

Keeping a car clean and waxed reduces the damage to its exterior. Proactively handling any issues with aging or in the engine and transmission can prevent larger issues from developing. Keeping track of routine maintenance needs, from new filters to oil changes, is critical. So, too, is the ability to identify when you need professional help. However, with the right tools and equipment, you can surely handle most routine cleaning and maintenance issues for your luxury vehicle on your own.