The Lamborghini Urus has Arrived!

We have been waiting a long time , and I honestly cannot remember the last time I was this excited for a new vehicle to hit our fleet. The anticipation has been building for what felt like decades for this one of a kind suv to hit the market. Lamborghini first showed the Urus concept in Beijing back in 2012. Our own staff member Tom went to an unveiling of the production version Lamborghini Urus in Philadelphia in 2018.

Now however, the cycle is complete and Imagine Lifestyles luxury and exotic rentals has received their very own Lamborghini Urus suv, and you can book a rental or chauffeur service in this raging bull today! Fully optioned out to meet the demanding taste of our clients we chose a tasteful black, with bright green accents. 23 inch wheels and tires were also added to make sure that this luxury SUV stands out from the crowd.

The interior features every option available on this model as well. From the alcanterra covered pillars, to the rear seat charging station, we wanted to make sure that you would experience every comfort available. The Lamborghini Urus is no slouch when it comes to performance numbers either. Boasting a 600+ hp powertrain, and a 0-60 time under 4 seconds, the Urus will certainly be a fun drive, as well as a head turner.

Currently in Miami, FL the Lamborghini Urus rental is available for immediate reservation. Imagine Lifestyles has plans to bring the Lamborghini Urus rental to Philadelphia area for prom season as well, where it will be available for both rental, or chauffeur service in 2019. Imagine Lifestyles can even bring the Urus suv rental to your door in New York or New Jersey with our VIP Delivery Service. Call us today at 866-436-3514 to book your reservation, or Request a Quote for more information.