Fake Lamborghini in China is Confiscated

There are exotic car fans in the world that cannot afford to own the car of their dreams.  But rather than rent an exotic car, a man in China simply transformed his Nissan Cefiro into a Lamborghini Reventon via some sort of body styling kit.  Unfortunately for this Lambo lover, he made the mistake of not plating the eyesore, and the police impounded the phony luxury car.

Fake Lamborghini Reventon

The fake Lamborghini Reventon in all of its…gory.

Apparently it is not only ugly to disguise a vehicle as a supercar, but it is illegal in China.  Regulations outline that the vehicle must be plated and appear exactly as it was intended…so a Nissan dressed up Halloween style as a Lamborghini will not do!  So far the man faces a fee of $77 for driving without a plate, and additional fines for operating a car that does not look as it was intended.

Nissan Cefiro

A Nissan Cefiro in its true form, tricked out with tacky wheels

The fake Lamborghini Reventon was impounded, leaving the man to his creative devices once again!  What do you think the outcome of this case should be?  Comment below!

Lamborghini Reventon

Will the real Lamborghini Reventon please stand up?

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