Porsche Luxury SUV Driven by 3-Year-Old Enters Supermarket

On June 17th, 2011, residents of Osaka’s Nishinari Ward received quite a jolt when a luxury Porsche SUV driven by a 3-year-old entered a supermarket!  The toddler girl managed to put the Porsche luxury SUV into reverse, entering the establishment backwards, according to police. It is certainly scary when an exotic car crash involves a child driver!

Porsche SUV Crash

Above is a photo from the scene of the Porsche SUV crash

The child, her 35-year-old mother and onlookers were all bewildered by the crash, but luckily no one was killed!  The luxury SUV took down a fence surrounding the parking lot prior to ramming into the store, injuring a 68-year-old supermarket employee.

Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne

The Nishinari Police Station report indicates that the driving tot was intentionally left inside the SUV because the mother felt the child was “acting peevish”.  The mom, rather than risk embarrassment at her child’s childish behavior, chose to leave the tot in the vehicle with it running in ‘park’ position, unsure if she had applied the parking brake.  This position is simple for any child to access, causing the SUV to roll.

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