True Story: Idiot Steals Same Ferrari 458 Supercar Twice

There never seems to be a shortage of odd stories in the news, but the man who stole the same Ferrari 458 sports car twice may just win the world’s dumbest contest! Authorities in California will not soon tire of retelling the Ferrari 458 theft tale to anyone who will listen.

Ferrari 458 theftMan steals Ferrari 458 Italia, gets away, and then steals it again from the impound lot!  

The man was identified as Earnie Hooks of Los Angeles. Hooks got his hooks into the brand new 2014 Ferrari 458 spider and made no attempts to hide it, driving it around the city. Police in Fontana, a town about 50 miles east of Los Angeles, discovered Hooks and the Ferrari at a DUI checkpoint on August 29th. Upon discovering that the Ferrari was reported stolen, they attempted to make an arrest but Hooks fled on foot, abandoning the car. At around 3 in the morning the following day, Hooks entered the impound lot and stole the Ferrari again!

Ferrari 458 theft

Earnie Hooks of Los Angeles

Police certainly could not have expected Hooks to steal the Ferrari a second time! They did not have to try too hard to retrieve the thief or the car, as Hooks again made no attempt at being discreet—rolling around his Studio City neighborhood in the stolen supercar. As of now, the court records indicate that Hooks has entered a plea of not guilty to resisting arrest and auto theft. I feel confident that the judge in this case will enjoy a few good laughs at the man’s defense.

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