Ferrari Alpine Driving School in Aspen is Now Open!

Ferrari has some literally cool news–the Ferrari Alpine Driving School is ready to roll! Modeled after Ferrari’s Pilota On Ice program in Italy’s Dolomite mountains, this is an exclusive and extensive course to empower Ferrari owners to drive their cars properly in winter conditions. So what better place than Aspen!

Ferrari FF ice testing

Ferrari FF ice testing

The Ferrari winter driving course is a comprehensive 2-day program that will take place in January. Ferrari owners will receive instructional training on a custom-built driving course in Aspen, complete with plenty of Ferrari attitude! The course consists of compacted snow and ice that firms with no retaining walls.

According to Andrew Torris, Ferrari’s driving program project manager, the professional driving instructors are veteran snow and ice drivers, the majority of which have taught at a similar program offered by Porsche in Vail, Colorado.

Ferrari FF ice testing

Super snowmobile!

The course is intended to not only assist owners with all weather driving conditions, but to feature its first-ever 4-wheel drive Ferrari FF hatchback. Follow link to view the Ferrari FF testing on ice!

The program costs $11,300 per driver, and includes 2 nights at the Little Nell Hotel as well (that rhymes). Participation will be limited to current Ferrari owners this year; it is unknown what next year will bring.

Ferrari FF ice testing

4-wheel drive Ferrari FF hatchback

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