Ferrari 458 Italia Convertible? Yes Please

The latest Ferrari to prance its horses for the auto world is the Ferrari 458 Italia, replacement for last year’s amazing Ferrari F430.  The F430 Spider was the topless version of the coupe, and now rumors are circulating that the luxury and exotic car leader may be drawing up plans for a 458 Italia convertible.  I certainly hope for the rumors to be true, we need one for our Ferrari rental Miami fleet.
Ferrari 458 Italia Spider
The 458 Italia is a stunner, imagine it with its top off!  Delicious sneak peek renderings of what the Ferrari 458 Italia convertible would look like are already saturating the Internet, fueling speculation that it could indeed occur.  I assume it would be named the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider, if it follows in the tracks of its successful predecessor, the Ferrari F430 Spider rental.

Autoblog rumors predict that the convertible 458 Italia Ferrari will not see production until about two years after the 458 coupe’s deliveries begin, which would place it around early 2012.  Ugg…2012 seems like a very long time to wait for something so awesome.

The 458 Ferrari spider is likely to sport the lightweight soft-top featured on the F430 spider and Scuderia 16M.  The dazzling Ferrari California boasts a hardtop, which is also nice.   Overall, the 458 Italia convertible would remain like its coupe sibling, with the same 4.5-liter V8 engine and 570 prancing horses, I suspect.  With the added drag of a convertible, the Ferrari 458 Italia coupe would likely win the 0-60 second race between the two. 

It should be interesting to learn what Ferrari has in store for us in the near or not so near future!  For more on exotic and luxury rental car companies and news, follow links!





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