Ferrari Sells 300 Exotic Sports Cars in China

Ferrari Sales China

Have you ever wondered how many exotic sports cars a top brand like Ferrari unloads in other countries, like China?  The answer would be an astounding 300 units for the 2010 year, which is quite impressive for a company that entered the China luxury car market a mere six years ago.  That figure likely includes a percentage of Ferrari rentals, which are always enjoyable and a great investment.


Luxury Car Market China

This Ferrari sales figure indicates a 50 percent jump in sales for the Chinese luxury car market from 2009-2010.  For those of you who are unaware, the luxury car market in China and India are the current hot-spots and exotic car brands are selling units like crazy in the region, setting up new operations on a consistent basis to manage the supply and demand. 

There are ten Ferrari dealers in China, and more are coming in 2011 to better serve the increasing demand for Ferrari sports cars in the region. When exotic car sales for Hong Kong and Taiwan are factored in, the region is effectively among the top 5 international markets for Ferrari brand.

Ferrari China

So at the moment, 2011 is poised to please the pockets of many leading luxury car companies, as their exotic sports cars and luxury car rentals are lapped up by the wealthy locals in large numbers.  2011 will also see the start of the very first Asian Ferrari Challenge championship, which is exciting news for fans in the region!

Ferrari Sales China Luxury Car Market

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