Film Companies Dragging Feet in 3D Race?

If you are an avid technology geek, and currently have your brand new 3-D HDTV and 3-D Blu-ray player prominently displayed in your entertainment area at home, you likely already know that there are some issues.  The most obvious issue being, what the hell to watch?  Companies are not just dragging their feet to release 3D videos after the onslaught of 3D films that have hit the big screen-they are tripping over them!3D Movies at Home

Because unless you are 12, most of the latest Blu-Ray and HDTV compatible options are limited to children’s films.  And what is going on with the new 3D burst?  Companies have burst forth with delightful 3D theater experiences; yet appear to be dragging their feet in the area of releasing those same flicks in 3D for consumption.  What I am trying to relay is, I want a kick-ass 3D experience available from the comfort of my home, on a screen the size of a small spaceship, so that I can make all of my friends jealous…I mean, so I can enjoy my favorite theatrical performances in 3D. 

So far, Dream Works has released ‘Monsters Vs Aliens’, which comes bundled with the Samsung 3D Blu-ray player.  I do not care.  I want adult moves to play on my superior adult toys.  Do you want to see ‘Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs’ over and over while waiting for these companies to catch up with the current technology trends?  Even 20th Century Fox, the studio behind James Cameron’s Avatar, is holding out on its 3D release until 2011!  Since we are being forced to endure mainly kiddie flicks, I may just flop down to the floor, and begin kicking my legs like one.  Jokes aside, it is still reasonably safe to assume that within the next 12-18 months the 3D experience will be available from the comfort of our homes with a much larger selection of films.  The waiting is the hardest part, just ask Tom Petty.

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