Top 10 Wrecked Exotic Cars and Strange Accidents

Wrecked Ferrari F430

What we hope never happens to our Ferrari F430 rental Miami!


Weird Car Wrecks

 Looking at this bizarre auto accident, I can’t help but wonder, how?  Its like the truck simply ran over the car.

Bizarre Car Wrecks

 This police officer is standing at attention

Odd Car Wrecks

 The gangsta lean

Wrecked Exotic Cars

I wonder if the insurance companies were also feeling the love

Ferrari Wrecks

 This must be trick photography…or this prancing pony is really prancing

Aston Martin Wrecked

  It appears that a 007 was a bit hard on this Aston Martin DB9…

Wrecked Bentley

 This Bentley boasts plenty of err…trunk space

Wrecked Lamborghini Gallardo

 Where is the other half of this Lamborghini Gallardo? Hopefully this is not a Lamborghini rental car

Wrecked Exotic Cars

  Back from the future!


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Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals