First Aston Martin One-77 Crashes in Hong Kong!

Just 77 glorious examples of the Aston Martin One-77 were created…and sold out. That number has recently dropped to 76, as the first One-77 crash has finally occurred—in Hong Kong!

Aston Martin One-77 crash

This Aston may not have been insured at the time of the disaster!

The rare exotic suffered severe damage, with speed potentially serving as a significant factor in the crash (drive it like you stole it?). While the exact cause is unclear, the $1.9 million dollar superstar supercar certainly bore the brunt of the impact…until the insurance carrier steps up!

GTSpirit reported that the Aston was the only car involved in the accident, perhaps hitting a curb at a high rate of speed. The owner of the supercar is from Shenzhen, China, and only recently took delivery of the exclusive ride. It is likely that the car will have to return to Aston’s main factory in England for extensive repairs, if it is in fact possible to be restored to its original glory.

Aston Martin One-77 crash
Aston Martin One-77 crash

Apparently, the lightweight carbon fiber body of the One-77 was no match for the impact, and the material is quite expensive to produce. Due to the expense of production, this Aston may simply be written off as a total loss. The clincher: the vehicle did not have a license plate at the time of the crash—which may indicate that it was not quite insured or registered yet! That is just speculation, however, because most require insurance prior to delivery.

Aston Martin One-77 crash

With all 77 units sold, the driver may be forced to begin the process of shopping for a different exotic sports car entirely! Thoughts?
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