Grade “A” Giga-Yacht. A perfect Luxury Yacht for a Yacht Conssieur.

"A" is the newest affiliate to join the giga-yacht club. The ginormous luxury yacht named just "A", has a 757,000 liter fuel tank. Putting her size into perspective, this extoic yacht costs about $1.4 million just to fill her tank, that is if Diesel fuel costs don’t jump. An easy million will get you about 15 days aboard this luxury on the water art at cruising speed.

The architecture of this elegant yacht meausres at roughly 387 feet long.   This includes the three pools, one master suite, six guest suites and 42 rooms for the staff.  This Giga Yacht is owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko. Melnichenko had "A" built for about $204 million in Germany and that folks is a yacht of epic proprotion.


When one wants to cruise in ultimate style the "A" giga-Yacht is the pefect ocean liner for you.   Do not let this heafty price tag discourage you.   Imagine Lifestyles will continue to post information on a vast amount of luxury yachts and ocean liners with all kids of fun and luxurious amentities.  Iamgine Lifestyles tip: Rent a luxury yacht for a day before you make your big purchase., why not try a luxury ocean liner on for size.  When it comes to luxury always has the inside tips.