Water Just got more Fashionable: Jean Paul Gaultier for Evian

High fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier is second in a series to leave his mark on a new bottle of Evian. Christian Lacroix was the first to make a splash with the French mineral water brand. Don’t forget about Donald Trump but we would not call him a designer for his series of suites and ties.  The new water bottle design is in effort to epitomize the purity and balance of natural water.

The Evian bottle design has two versions. The Pret-a-porter with joined snowflakes and blue lettering, available for $13.95 per bottle at Evian’s website. The second in the spirit of fashion, is the Haute Couture bottle. The Haute Couture bottle by Jean Paul Gaultier was presented in Paris and will be sold by top auction houses around the globe. There are only seven Haute Couture Evian bottles and all funds raised go to the RAMSAR organization, which protects Earth’s natural water supply. We applaud Jean Paul Gaultier and Evian for coming together in the name of art, fashion and a seriously vital cause!