Hood Ornaments Lead to 596 Bentley Recalls

This is no joke, luxury carmaker Bentley is in a position to recall 596 cars due to its famous “flying B” metal emblem.  It seems the metal emblem on some models does not retract, which could potentially injure pedestrians in the event of an accident.  What?

Yes, it seems that if the bedazzled logos fail to retract properly, it increases the risk of injury to a pedestrian.  So I am picturing this risk, and it seems it would essentially impale said pedestrian, decreasing their chances of survival.  I suppose the Bentley hood ornament does have the potential to become a projectile, but highly unlikely.  I think someone has too much thinking time to come up with that scenario, though I am not the expert in luxury car crashes.
This risk has been taken seriously by Bentley, who is in the process of recalling 596 Arnage, Azure and Brooklands models from2007 through 2009.  Ouch.  Bentley will replace corroded emblems, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website.

No accidents or injuries have been reported thus far, and Bentley will begin the process of replacing the hood ornaments on the $200,000 plus luxury cars and Bentley rentals starting September 27th according to NHTSA.  As for the hood ornament supplier (yes, there is one apparently), they have stepped up and taken steps to prevent corrosion, adding grease to prevent water from accumulating inside.

Fun fact:  Bentley is owned by German automaker Volkswagen, who also happens to own Bugatti and Lamborghini.

Bentley Hood Ornament Recall



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