Cactus Club Café’s Swanky Loo Wins Best Public Restroom

If you find yourself in stunningly scenic Vancouver, Canada, you may want to stop in at the Cactus Club Café and have a look at their award-winning luxury loos.  For the culinary and curious types, it would be a unique treat because the best seats in the house are reportedly in the washroom!

Yes, the Cactus Club Café has earned the first-ever prize for Canada’s best public restroom.  The contest is orchestrated by Ohio-based Cintas Corporation, provider of restroom hygiene products and services.  While this competition has run for a few years in the United States, this marks the first year in Canada.  The luxury restaurant was presented with a plaque of recognition that it will likely display proudly.  These must be some thrones!

The winner for the most luxurious loo was determined by votes cast on, where finalists included restaurants, hotels, and a convention center.  Important factors in the bathroom contest for best restroom included style, public access and, of course, hygiene.  The Cactus took the cake this year, and the competition found themselves shit out of luck, as the old saying goes.  The Cactus Club Café is in prestigious Burnaby and boasts hardwood walls, carpeted seating areas and flat screen televisions.  The sleek modern furniture provides a luxury vibe that is continued all the way into the bathroom.

In the loo, guests discover coffee tables laden with magazines, fresh floral arrangements, and illuminated makeup mirrors that spell “You’re Beautiful” (in the ladies room, of course).  There is no fluorescent lighting at the Cactus Club, but rather a dim ambiance that creates an exotic feel.  According to design manager Anna Walentowicz,

“I’ve seen girls with their drinks having a seat there, powdering their nose and having a girls’ chat.   It’s a little bit of a hangout.”

The luxury toilets feature foot flushes, and each stall has a floor-to-ceiling smoked glass door.  Installed in each stall are sound system speakers, so that guests do not miss a beat while taking their retreat.

I’d say the Cactus Club Café has literally flushed the competition.

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