How to Gauge Tipping at a 5-Star Restaurant

Tipping at 5 Star RestaurantsAt Imagine Lifestyles, we strive to be the South Beach source for all that is luxury, and this encompasses more than Miami luxury car rentals and South Beach luxury property rentals.  Our passion for all that is luxury lends us the opportunity to serve as a go-to for other inquiries in extravagance, such as the following email we recently received:

How much should I tip at a 5 star expensive restaurant?
I need a little help and direction before I can start. Any nuggets of wisdom
would be absolutely great and very much appreciated. Would you consider
giving me a couple pointers?

This is a very relevant inquiry and real concern when visiting South Beach, or any other high-end travel destination for that matter.  It is savvy to be knowledgeable on the ins and outs of luxury travel, and tipping is an integral part of the package.  Here are the pointers we gave Janet:

Great question.  If the service is truly 5-star, 25% is ideal.  I believe when  you walk into an expensive restaurant and you do not have to ask for a single item, such as more water, butter, extra napkin, more wine, etc and your experience is flawless, the tip should be 25%.  Approximately 80% of the time we tip 20%, just so you can gauge.
•    3-4 Star Restaurant=20%
•    1-2 Star=15%
•    Horrible service=10%


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