Entourage Meets Ferrari Challenge, Set to Explode in Miami

Clearly, it’s a hit with all who matter!
Even the boys from Entourage are heading to the Ferrari Challenge in Miami-the luxurious sin city of the east coast.  The illustrious crew from the HBO hit series are set to continue their love affair with Ferrari as a July episode takes them to the Ferrari summit held at the Homestead Speedway south of Miami.

One of the Entourage stars, super agent Ari Gold, drives a Ferrari F430in the show.  Lead character and handsome young actor Vince is set to play Enzo Ferrari in a movie about the legendary car czar’s life and times.

It’s appropriate that the plotline should place them at the Ferrari Challenge, which is a must-be-there date on the calendar for dedicated Ferrari owners, and fellow luxury car worshippers.

The Miami event, held in March, marks the opening of a six-race series for Ferraris, held at tracks around the United States and Canada. It’s what the luxury carmaker calls an "exclusive experience” for its elite customers.  Owners can actually race on the professional tracks, or simply attend to be part of the glitterati and the atmosphere made up of people passionate about all things pertaining to the prancing horse logo that distinguishes Ferrari.

If not racing, the Ferrari Challenge in Miami extends to attendees a chance to dine in the luxurious VIP hospitality tents, take part in weekend driving clinics, or simply soak in the social atmosphere generated by thousands who share their love and enthusiasm for these luxury vehicles.

The Ferrari Challenge Series is organized by Ferrari North America and is sure heat up even Miami, as both are sizzling with what people want.  While you are booking your Miami Ferrari Challenge experience, (which I assume you began looking into while reading this) check out our South Beach luxury rental cars for maximum impact upon arrival because hey, you cannot very well attend a Miami luxury car event without exotic wheels can you?  We didn’t think so.  See you soon!

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