How to Choose the Best Auto Transport Company to Ship Your Car

Mercedes AMG GT

You just bought a new car. Bright red body, chrome rimmed wheels, beautiful black leather seats, and an engine that makes your heart beat like a drum. Unfortunately, the car you just bought is miles away in another state. This is where an auto transport company comes in to solve your problem. A car shipping company can ship your car from across states and countries and have it arrive at your front door like Santa Claus dropping off Christmas presents under the tree. However, how do you know which auto transport company is best for you and your needs? There are some tips you need to consider when choosing the best car shipping company that can help you. 


          When choosing the best auto shipping company that can help you bring your new car home, you need to do research. You need to research not only the different auto shipping companies but also research about your car. The type of vehicle you have will affect the type of transport and shipping costs. For example, the weight of your car will be calculated because auto transport companies use this to determine shipping costs. This means that a Ford F150 truck is going to cost more to ship than a BMW 3 series. Also, the size of the car determines shipping costs as well. If it is a big car like a Ford F150 then that means it will take up a lot of space on the transporting truck, space the auto shipping company could use to put another vehicle in. Of course, the destination from Point A to Point B will also affect the services and costs an auto shipping company can provide. Some companies only ship locally or have a limit on how far they can ship vehicles.  



The next thing you should research is great customer service. Some companies prioritize shipment rather than prioritizing their customers. You should look for an auto shipping company that serves its customers from start to finish and will work with you if problems arise. Look at auto transport reviews, past experiences, what benefits and services shipping companies offer their customers, and how well companies prioritize and treat their customers. A best car transport company will have a great 24/7 customer service department. They prioritize their customers and go above and beyond to ensure that the customer is satisfied. They will handle vehicles with the utmost care and make sure the customer is updated throughout the whole journey.  


You should also research the costs, benefits, and services auto shipping companies offer. As mentioned before, shipping costs depend on the weight and size of the car. However, costs also depend on the type of transport you want to utilize, how far the journey is, as well as seasonal pricing. Auto Shipping Companies offer different types of transport services such as open auto transport and enclosed auto transport. Open auto transport is using an open carrier to ship your vehicle. This service is cheaper and faster than the enclosed auto transport services. Although it is a much more convenient and easier way to ship your car there is the possibility that your car could get damaged during the journey. With open carriers, there is no covering to protect your car during transport which makes your car susceptible to debris or weather damage. However, auto transport companies will offer the benefit of insurance. In the event that your car gets damaged during its journey, they will handle the problem with the utmost care and efficiency.


The other option is the enclosed transport services. This service transports your car in an enclosed carrier that protects your vehicle from the damage of outside elements. There are two types of enclosed auto transport services: soft-sided and hard-sided enclosed transport services. Soft-sided enclosed transport uses a covering usually made of vinyl or canvas material to cover the whole carrier to protect your car on the road. Hard-sided enclosed transport uses an enclosed carrier that has walls surrounding your vehicle to fully prevent it from getting any damage. However, enclosed transport services are more expensive than open transport services because enclosed transport services transport fewer cars and there is more care given to vehicles that use enclosed transport services. Other things you have to consider is how far the journey is. The longer the journey the more it is going to costs because the transport carrier has to spend money on gas. You also have to consider the time/season in which you need auto transport services. Shipping costs and rates spike during the summer and winter months due to the high demand for shipping vehicles. Fortunately, you should also look at the benefits that auto shipping companies offer. For example, most reputable car transport companies will offer door to door transport, coast to coast transport, multiple vehicle transport, different types of vehicle transport, luxury items transport, affordable prices, etc.  


So, how are you going to get that beautiful new car with the luscious black leather seats, bright red body, and chrome-rimmed wheels home to Momma? Do your research. Research different companies and compare their costs, benefits, and services. Research and you’ll find that a car transport company that will offer great customer service, affordable prices, good benefits, and a wide range of transport services.