Tips for packing and moving fine art and other luxury items

two painted portraits above a black cabinet

Moving to a new place means moving everything that makes our lives special. Some decide to sell out the furniture and buy completely new one for their new home, but everybody decides on moving fine art and other luxury items as they are inseparable parts of their lives and who they are. Usually, such things need special handling and care by default and even more so when they are about to be packed and moved to a new place. We need to handle them with caution and provide reliable packing and safe transfer. So making a good plan, following the correct procedures and avoiding making mistakes while moving art and valuable pieces are crucial to the process.

Procedures for moving fine art and other luxury items

Making a good plan for packing and keeping them safe before shipping can guarantee moving art and valuable pieces safely. Divide them into categories, get appropriate packing materials, then pack and store your valuable things safely until they are ready for loading and moving.


Canvases often find themselves on the list when we plan moving art and valuable pieces. They should be nicely wrapped up with clean, plain packing paper to prevent the paint from getting stained or dirty. Protect the corners and then wrap it up with additional layers of plastic bubbles. The final step is to put it in a picture box, but if you don’t have one, place the cardboard on front and back and secure it with tape. This will be enough to make sure that moving your valuables will be carried out safely.

Framed art pieces with large glass surfaces

Moving fine art and other luxury items almost always includes framed art pieces that are covered with large glass surfaces. They should be taken care of with more caution to prevent the glass from being damaged, cracked or even shattered. Glass shattering could additionally damage the paint so consider this carefully. One of the tips is to secure the glass with masking tape just in case, and then apply all the procedures and materials you used for packing canvases. This should be enough to keep them secured, but if you have any doubts, you might choose to put them in a crate. In case you still have some doubts as packing antiquities requires special attention, hire a reputable moving company that will take care of the packing part as well using their professional techniques and materials.

a sitting area dominated by two canvas paintings and a glass wall                                                                             on the left dominated by a black sculpture of a woman
Framed art pieces could be transported in crates as well.


Large mirrors are as sensitive as framed art pieces with large glass surface so the best way to pack them safely is to follow the same procedure.


You will have to pay attention to your sculptures as well when moving fine art. You will need some extra packing materials to cushion them well. First, use two-fold plastic bubbles to wrap them up, secure them with tape and place them into a box. Since sculptures are of various irregular shapes and can move inside the box, you will need to fix them by applying packing peanuts or packing foam. You could also use crumpled packing paper or thick layers of crumpled newspapers, but the aim is to tuck them well, prevent them from shifting within the box, and eventually from being damaged or broken.


Lamps, whether they are gifts or specially chosen items for our home, definitely find themselves on the list for moving fine art and other luxury items. When packing lamps, you must first dismantle them and pack separately the lampshade and lamp base. You need to warp both parts generously with plastic bubbles or multi-layer packing paper, place them in a cardboard box and prevent them from moving in the box by filling the empty space with packing peanuts/foam. Pay special attention to the lamp base cord, fold it and secure it applying twist ties. The final step is to secure the box with packing tape.

Gifts, keepsakes and framed photographs

We all have a number of valuable items we want and need to keep close by. Whether it’s a valuable gift, a holiday keepsake or an heirloom, it’s something we treasure and carefully prepare for moving. Wrap each of them separately using plastic bubbles or packing paper and put them in the box. Be sure that framed photographs with glass surfaces are well protected. If you see that there is some free space left, fill it in with crumpled packing paper. Close the box, tape and label it – it’s ready for moving.

an antique gold chain watch on the dark surface
“The longest distance between two places is time” – Tennessee Williams

Store your art pieces wisely when moving fine art

Designate a separate room to store the packed items. Stacking them flat is the wrong way as you should strictly avoid putting any pressure on them. Place larger flat pieces vertically against the wall, next to one another, and put the smaller boxes on a shelf or a table if you are planning to store them for a longer time.

If in a rush – choose a reliable moving company

If you have to move within days without having enough time to devote yourself to packing and moving art and valuable pieces that mean the world to you, instead of doing it in a rush and making a mistake, hire professionals to transport your art pieces. They will look after every step of the process with knowledge and care.

Organize transportation of your luxury car

If you are passionate about cars and you happen to own an expensive and luxurious one, it might be best to have it transported by a reputable moving company that has an established procedure and experience in car transportation. In choosing the company, check the recommendations of its clients. Your luxury car will be delivered safely to its new destination.

A blue Mercedes convertible
Professional movers can even transport your luxury car

Purchase shipping insurance

When moving art and valuable pieces, you definitely do not want anything to happen to them. However, while rare, accidents could happen and it might be wise to get shipping insurance for your valuables in transit, just to be on the safe side.