How to open fuel door on BMW i8 Hybrid

The BMW i8 Hybrid is a phenomenal vehicle. Few vehicles on the road today can compete with its exotic design, and even less can boast the same amount of comfort for their driver and passengers. While the BMW i8 is a leader in many of these regards, it is not without a few quirks. One quirk in particular is frustrating to both vehicle owners and renters alike is the sticky fuel door that will leave you stranded at the pump.

In an attempt to produce “The Ultimate Driving Machine” BMW has pressurized the entire fuel system of the i8 hybrid. When you push the fuel door release button on the drivers door, a message will appear on the dashboard stating “Preparing To Refuel”. On rare occasion this message will stay on the dash, and the door will not open. If this ever happens to you, follow these simple steps to quickly open the fuel door.

  1. Press the fuel door open button on the drivers side door
  2. View the message “Preparing To Refuel” on the dashboard. This message will likely be accompanied by a percentage
  3. Wait 30 seconds to see if this process will complete on its own
  4. Open the trunk of the vehicle. Trunk release is also located on drivers side door
  5. Remove access panel on passengers side of the vehicle
  6. Pull the green release tab
  7. Press the fuel tank door to pop open

Watch our video tutorial for opening a stuck fuel door on the BMW i8 Hybrid