How to Protect Your Rights after a Car Accident

Vehicles are important in our lives, whether it is driving to work or transporting goods from one point to another. However, using vehicles makes us prone to accidents. There is an average of 40 000 fatal accidents in the United States every year. With the high number of accidents occurring every day, it is vital to know how you can protect your rights in the event you are involved in an accident.

A person who causes an accident is liable for all property damage, physical harm, and all damages resulting from accidents. Car laws vary from one state to another. Typically, a car insurance policy pays for the damage up to a specific limit. No-fault states have regulations that require car insurance to cover all medical bills and out of pocket expenses regardless of the driver that caused the crash.

After an accident, numerous factors can put your legal claim at risk. You should, therefore, protect these risks. Every motorist needs to know the steps to take after an accident to protect their rights and get maximum compensation.

1. Check for Serious Injuries

Check if you have serious injuries that would require quick medical attention. If there are injuries, call 911 right away for an ambulance.

2. Call the Police

When accidents happen, the law requires you to call the police. Some states require you to report the accidents when the damage exceeds a certain amount or if there are injuries. The police officers detail what happened. Remember, this report comes in handy during damage claim or filling for personal injury.

3. Contact a Lawyer

As an accident victim, it is prudent to seek legal advice from a lawyer. In fact, if you live in a city, for example, Florida, you should call your Florida car accident lawyer first thing after being involved in an accident. They will help you get compensation for time off work, pain, suffering, and medical bills. Always remain silent until you get an attorney. Refrain from recording statements with insurance companies until you get advice from an injury attorney. A good lawyer will not only protect your rights but also prevent an insurance company from taking advantage of you. Some insurance companies reduce your claim value or eve try to block your payment.

4. Do Not Handle the Accident with the At-Fault Driver

Some at-fault driver will persuade you to solve the case without involving the police. They will want you to deal with the accident between the two of you. Do not fall for this mistake. Drivers who avoid involving the police have some guilty. Therefore you should involve the police as much as possible even if the other driver is against it.

5. Take Photos

Use your camera or phone camera to take photos of the scene of the accident. Also, take pictures of the nearby landmarks, location of vehicles, and accident details. If there are injuries or vehicle damage, ensures you secure pictures of the same. It is essential to ensure that the picture dates can be referenced. If you can get another witness to take pictures for you, that would be a good idea.

6. Get Witnesses

Most of the time, other road users will witness the accident to happen. Witnesses make your claim strong. The more the witnesses, the better it is. Speak with witnesses and get their contact information. Lawyers will want to hear from witnesses when handling the case.

7. Have Your Injuries Checked And Car Damage Inspected

When talking to your doctor, be honest, and tell them about any discomfort or pain. Some injuries take them to manifest. Early treatment reduces pain and prevents injuries from getting worse. Damage inspection help get estimates for car repairs.


Accident injuries and car damages can be costly. Some insurance companies and drivers will try to give you a bad deal. When you are involved in an accident, you strive to protect your rights by involving your lawyer. This guide will help you get started.