How to Spruce up Your Home on a Budget

Our homes are our oasis, our little corner of the world that we get to do whatever we want.  Unfortunately, many of us run out of ideas for what to do with our homes.  Regardless of whether you’re burned out from too many home design shows, or you’re entirely inexperienced, you can spruce up your home without killing your wallet.


Grow Something New

The most unutilized space in any given home is the yard.  Many homeowners will mow their lawns, and then wholly overlook anything else they can do with that space.  Consider building a raised garden.  This step lets you have complete control over what gets through the soil to your garden; it also means your garden will drain better and help keep the grass around it healthier.

Gardens are also a fantastic way to grow things that can bring greenery inside.  Growing flowers mean you can have some on your kitchen table whenever you want, and fruits and vegetables help cut away at your grocery costs.


Paint Always Helps

A fresh coat of paint can liven up anything.  There’s the meaning behind every possible door color, most of which are welcoming in wealth and good fortune.  You can also paint things like wooden mailboxes, your porch, cabinets in the kitchen, or older furniture that needs a fresh look.  Of course, you could go with the distinct and paint rooms new colors to liven them up- but they use a lot of makeup, which adds up quickly.


Make Your Windows Shine

Of course, it’s good to clean your windows and make them shine- but there are other things you can do to make them stand out.  Get curtains that look good on both the inside and the outside.  If you need blinds, go for ones with thick slats.  The cheap plastic blinds break too quickly and aren’t as pleasant on the eyes.

On the inside of your home, play up windows that are in prominent areas.  You can sit chairs for a sofa next to them so you can look outside.  A bench in a bay window is good for relaxing and reading a book.  Don’t be afraid of imagining your home room by room and following-through.


Clean and Scrub

A clean house can make it look brand new.  Although nobody wants to have to scrub out their entire home unless you’re doing it to save on the cost of selling a house, it can be suitable for the whole family.  A clean home allows you to focus on things like spending time together or enjoying hobbies.  You don’t have to clean your home all at once if it’s too much, break it up into projects that you can space out over a couple of weeks.  This step will ingrain a habit into you and will make you want to work harder to maintain this level of cleanliness.


It shouldn’t have to cost hundreds to make your home look beautiful!  Do what makes you and your home happy.