BMW Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

The glorious BMW i8 is continuing along its personal road, and that journey is defined by the future and potentially powered by hydrogen fuel cell technology. It would not be BMW’s style to simply settle for the current hybrid and electric powertrain trends, now would it? This is, after all, a brand that analyzes what is going to be popular far into the future and focuses on preparing for what is to come just as hard as it does on what it is currently producing. The formidable competitor is rumored to be experimenting farther into the future than most competitors at this juncture.

See the vehicle taking some test laps in the short clip above:

The potential BMW i8 hydrogen fuel cell car could possibly pack a cryogenically-stowed hydrogen tank in the center, tempered by a cooling system. The system would connect to a rear-mounted engine. What new wonders will the future of automotive energy hold? Keep your eyes on BMW–they seem to be creating the curve.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Photos ©BMW

The standard BMW i8 concept has been around for over 3 already—positioning it around that marker when a concept becomes a reality. It typically takes around 3 years from concept to production for a vehicle. The hybrid BMW i8 machine features a 1.5-liter turbocharged 3-cylinder pushing out 357 horses with assistance of an electric motor. Because electric cars and hybrids are poised to become commonplace in the near future, BMW has been busy creating plug-in cars and also charging stations for its wares. The brand is sharp enough to work out that when electric cars begin to grow in numbers on the roadways, charging stations are going to be a necessity.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Photos ©BMW

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