Video: Rare Bugatti EB112 Spotted on the Streets

The video below shows the rarely seen creature strutting her stuff in the wild: The Bugatti EB112. This car was created as a mere prototype, but has broken out in full daylight to distract those in the scenic French enclave and luxury hotspot known as Monaco.

The short clip above shows the exquisite and almost-never seen EB112 Bugatti prototype hitting the streets. You can see onlookers snapping photos and video, knowing that they are witnessing something unusually special. 

Just two examples of the Bugatti EB112 prototype were made. It is rumored that there is a third, belonging to the car’s designer Giorgetto Giurgiaro, but it has not been proven.

The Bugatti EB112 at a glance:

  • This project took place in the early 1990s when they were focused on crafting a stylish four door grand sedan with ample power. Few were prepared when the hypercar Veyron came hissing out in the early 2000s!
  • The EB112 was clearly the design inspiration for the current Bugatti Galibier concept, which remains on the back burner for the time being.
  • The sleek sedan is packing a thirsty 6.0-liter V12 engine churning forth 450 horses, a staggering amount for a road car in that time.
  • The EB112 travels from not to 60 miles per hour in just 4 seconds thanks to all of those glorious horses.

Bugatti EB112While the Bugatti EB112 car is elegant and sporty, it seems she did not meet with enough interest during that time for the brand to consider a production run. The same story must be holding true for her successor, the Bugatti Galibier concept, as it is continuously brought out to flirt and returned to its shelf.

Bugatti Galibier

The Bugatti Galibier concept above is currently on the back burner. If it ever reaches production, it will likely be quite some time.

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