Imagine Lifestyles’ Chicago Adds A New SUV

Imagine Lifestyles Chicago Upgrades Its’ Fleet

Next time you are in Chicago, look for Imagine Lifestyles latest addition to its’ fleet of Chicago luxury rental cars.  The Imagine Lifestyles Chicago branch is excited to now offer a Range Rover HSE Supercharged SUV rental.  This SUV screams luxury and is perfect for Chicago and all of its different seasons. Adding the supercharged Range Rover almost completes our fleet of Chicago SUV rentals

Chicago Skyline

Whether it’s a snowy day in December or a wedding in July, our new White Range Rover HSE Supercharged is up to the challenge.  This vehicle is absolutely incredible to drive and we can’t wait to start renting it out to lucky clients.  The Range Rover was delivered today and is now available for rent along with our entire collection of luxury rental SUV’s here in the Chicago branch of Imagine Lifestyles.  It’s great to see when our offices are able to add new vehicles, and we are sure our New York, Los Angeles, and Miami locations are all proud of this new beauty as well. 

White HSE Range Rover

We chose to purchase a white Range Rover for here in Chicago because of the recent demand for white vehicles for weddings.  We are extremely excited about the new vehicle and are sure our clients to fall in love with it as well.  Call us today and get behind the wheel of our all new Range Rover HSE Supercharged luxury SUV rental.  Check out our fleet of Chicago Range Rover Rentals.