BMW Displaying Mixed Emotions on iOS in the Car

When Apple’s iPod emerged a decade ago, luxury carmaker BMW was among the first to integrate it into its cars. The tech-savvy and forward thinking carmaker is taking things a bit slower when it comes to Apple’s “iOS in the Car” offerings. Rumors are flying that BMW is done with the forbidden fruit, but the truth remains anyone’s best guess at this point.

iOS in the Car

 Siri’s presence strengthens with ‘iOS in the Car’

BMW responded to the rumors by claiming to be in close contact with Apple and releasing the following statement: “BMW is investigating the technical challenges required to integrate iOS in the Car, but since a final decision had not been made, it was not a part of Apple’s announcement.”

Other reports have claimed that BMW is not willing to redesign their own technology platforms to allow for the requirements of iOS integration. A BMW spokesperson helped explain that the interfaces adopted are strategically planned and tested years in advance, making it unlikely for iOS in the Car to become commonplace instantly.

iOS in the Car

BMW rolls out apps on a regular basis that allow its products to work better with iOS devices. They announced that they would be integrating Siri Eyes Free mode in all 2014 BMW cars, among other plans to make the products interact more seamlessly.

BMW maintains a gold standard when it comes to safety, and they meticulously test and retest all technology platforms and safety apps. The architectural changes to existing BMW iDrive and ConnectedDrive interfaces could prove too challenging for the overall merge.

iOS in the Car

BMW added Apple iPad holders and many other options to integrate the brand into its rides

Ferrari FF iPads

The Ferrari FF comes with iPads

Do you think BMW should focus on improving its own technologies like iDrive and ConnectedDrive, or spend resources attempting to integrate those of Apple? Which would offer drivers the most benefit? Share your thoughts below in the comment section.

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