Jay Leno Drools Over Porcelain Bugatti

Porcelain Bugatti

Everyone’s favorite celebrity car collector has been spied spying the new L’Or Blanc Bugatti, a porcelain wonderwork of an exotic car! So will a custom Bugatti be making its way to Jay Leno’s car collection in the near future? Who knows, the man gropes and ogles more vehicles than Jersey Shore’s ‘The Situation’ at a nightclub. Unlike that situation, Leno always brings home a 10.

Does anyone else feel that Leno’s life is one denim-clad car show after another, briefly interrupted on occasion for filming and sleep? Poor fellow.

Jay Leno in denim

Denim is appropriate for any black tie event…if you are Jay Leno!

The L’Or Blanc Bugatti was on display at The Quail, a motorsports gathering near Carmel, California. A vision in blue and white swirl, the Bugatti captured Leno’s eye and reeled him in like a magnet. Hey, Jay’s signature denim wear would pair nicely with the colors of this supercar…jes sayin’.

Jay Leno checks out Bugatti L'Or Blanc

Amazingly, even Jay Leno was not permitted on stage to see the car without sporting those humiliating protective booties…awesome!

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 Bugatti L'Or Blanc

The Bugatti L’Or Blanc on display




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