The Kardashian’s Get Taken in Miami

Kim Kardashian in MiamiOf late there seems to be a wave of young, hot, celebutantes linked with vandalism, trend? Paris Hilton was questioned about a neighbors keyed/egged Bugatti Veyron ; Lindsay Lohan did something involving eggs and the paparazzi; and, now the Kardashian’s new Miami "Dash" store has been vandalized! Dash Miami which will sell beach cover-ups, literally, just opened at 815 Washington Avenue on Miami Beach. Kourtney and Kloe Kardashian are in Miami filming there spin-off reality show "Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami", how original. Ms. Kim Kardashian, the more famous one, was only in town for the the Dash launch. And she wasn’t happy to find her store-window defaced and graffitied. Perk-up Kim. The media attention is good for business, the Miami Herald just put Dash Miami on the proverbial map.

The reality trio have been seen at LIV nightclub and, basically, all over Miami Beach. We wonder how long Kourtney and Khloe will last in the Miami heat. Somebody smart picked summer in Miami to film because nothing else goes on, absolutely, nothing will steal the spotlight. Good luck with the reality show, hopefully your store remains vandalism-free.  Oh and so you’re aware, we will be keeping tabs on you as long as you’re in Miami! Thanks

Kim Kardashian Spotted in Miami Florida


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