Luxury Spotlight: The W Hotel South Beach

There are many exquisite luxury hotels in South Florida, but none of them are the unique and chic W Hotel in South Beach! Upscale hotels are as unique as their clientele; offering perks that pull in the masses and a completely customized stay.

W Hotel South Beach

The W

In Case You Missed the Miami Art Basel—Awesome Video Recap

The Miami Beach Art Basel was an outstanding success again this year, and below is a quick video recap featuring Pharrell Williams, Yelawolf, CRAZE, NinjaSonik, Tamara Sky and more celebrities who turned out for this year’s all-out art party weekend! Follow link for a top 10 2011 Miami Art Basel Event List.

Basel Castle from OVERTHROW on Vimeo.

New South Beach Hotspot: Pearl Restaurant & Champagne Lounge is Back!

The iconic Pearl Restaurant & Champagne Lounge will reopen after 6 years on December 10th, 2011! The former celebrity haunt will reopen its luxurious doors thanks to popular demand, which has to be a comfort to owners Jack and Lucia Penrod. This is an upscale dining tip not to be missed...unless you really hate orange. 

Pearl Restaurant & Champagne Lounge Miami

Pearl Restaurant & Champagne Lounge Miami

John DeLucie to Head Restaurant at the Revamped Marlin Hotel South Beach

The Marlin Hotel in South Beach will have the talents of chef John DeLucie on-hand to tempt the taste buds of patrons following an extensive renovation. Best known for his New York City eatery, The Lion, DeLucie’s offerings are celebrity magnets, which will certainly pair well with a South Beach locale!

John DeLucie

John DeLucie

Sleepless Night Shows Miami’s Nocturnal Side

Miami is in-line with Las Vegas mentality when it comes to sleep…we are up all night, as are many late-night hotspots! One particular annual event is always a hit, Sleepless Night Miami. Where else you can take in a symphony, enjoy rooftop cocktailing, and see a sex-doll exhibition all in one night? You can also breath in peppermint-scented oxygen, a welcome change from predominant tobacco products! This is a luxury travel tip fit for all.

Sleepless Night Miami

Sleepless Night Miami

Top 10 Miami Art Basel Parties and Strip Teases!

If you are hitting the 2011 Miami Beach Art Basel, the endless procession of events and “can’t miss” flyers can be enough to overwhelm the sturdiest of art-lovers. Seriously though…last year I was reduced to a quivering heap of panic somewhere along the shoreline, frantically wondering if my plan to forgo a plan of action was smart…it wasn’t.

Art Basel Miami

Preparations are under way!

Savor the South Beach Wine & Food Festival

One of the best annual Miami events is fast approaching--the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. This event is popular for obvious reasons—wine and food! In case you didn’t know, Miami is one of the best locations on earth to experience exotic cuisines and wines with unique flavor fusions. This event is a luxury travel tip that is ideal for everyone.

South Beach Food & Wine Festival

Miami Art Basel is Fast Approaching!

Just a friendly reminder that one of the biggest SoFl events of the year is approaching fast, the Miami Art Basel will be here in just a couple of months! I know December feels far away, but now is the time to secure the necessities for the festivities, like your favorite exotic rental car in Miami and a fabulous luxury hotel like the W South Beach or Fontainebleau. This event is a celebrity magnet, and you want to go Miami glam.

2011 Miami Art Basel

Caribbean Carnival Comes to Miami

Looking for something new and exhilarating to experience in Miami? Look no further than the Carnival, coming October 7th, 2011! This is an international extravaganza featuring one of the most vibrant and cultural presentations to ever strike South Florida.

2011 Miami Carnival

2011 Miami Carnival

Gansevoort Miami Upcoming Events and What to Drive!

It is summer in Miami, and it is hot! People in the north stay inside during the brutal cold months of winter, and those in Miami prefer to stay inside during the scorching months of summer…but it can be boring! If the heat is simply too much at the beach right now, here are a few things to do in South Beach to cool down, get out and unwind during the coming months, thanks to Gansevoort luxury hotel!

Lamborghini rental Miami

Lamborghini rental Miami