Kiera Knightley Holds Her Breath for a Good Cause

Oscar-nominated British actress Kiera Knightley is posing for the greater good. Knightley’s latest work was done underwater with photographer Candice. No it’s not Knightley’s next Pirates movie but rather the Fresh20 campaign for the charity WaterAid. WaterAid is a UK-based, Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to bringing fresh water, sanitation and hygiene education to Asia and Africa. The Fresh20 campaign will draw attention to the issue with photos of icons like Knightley holding their breath underwater. Kelly Brook and Lily Cole recently posed too and the entire project will be documented by Bafta-award winning director Andy Matthews. Matthews hopes a film documentary will raise more global awareness on clean water issues. Just because you have water free flowing doesn’t mean everybody else doesl. For more information about WaterAid and the Fresh20 campaign just google it.