Lambokhana: How to Punish a Lamborghini Ken Block Style

The clip below shares the adrenaline of blending Gymkhana with a Lamborghini, or Lambokhana as some are labeling the fun. When it comes to automotive acrobatics, few can match the technique and prowess of Ken Block.

This is Ken Block’s take on what is being called Lambokhana–taking place on a handcrafted strategy course. While it lacks in some of Block’s previous shenanigans, it is still worth the watch. 

It is safe to assume that Ken Block’s Gymkhana style will remain popular for many years to come. What Block does with rally cars like the Subaru WRX and others is not an easy challenge, and to control a beast like the Lamborghini for supercar gymkhana takes that skill factor up a few additional degrees. That does not mean that this Lambo is faster than Block’s rally cars–it is probably not. It is simply more challenging to control a car like the Gallardo or an Aventador.


Some of Block’s best maneuvering has been in his signature Subaru WRX car with that screaming Monster logo plastered on any available inch. It seems the name Block will forever be synonymous with Monster, which is quite fitting because he is a beast behind the wheel of anything equipped with an engine.

Supercars are not synonymous with ease of use—they require skill and knowledge to harness all of those pretty horses. That is why there are so many exotic car crashes in the daily headlines and bereft mechanics or valets without jobs after trying their luck at a sneak joyride. So will Ken Block become obsessed with manipulating supercars at some point? We can only hope!

LambokhanaPost by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals