Hundreds of Range Rover Thefts In Short Period Riddles London

Something is just so alluring about the Range Rover luxury SUV. It is so captivating, in fact, that hundreds have been stolen from the streets of London lately. With such a vast amount of Range Rover thefts occurring in a small window of time, insurance companies have been forced to impose a few policy guidelines just for their owners.

Range Rover theftsHow bad could it be to lead to such a dramatic policy alteration? A total of 294 Range Rovers were stolen between January and July! The preferred models were the Evoque and the Range Rover Sport, of course. 

That is correct, there will be stricter insurance policy rules for Range Rover owners in London in the aftermath of the string of brazen thefts. But wait, is that not punishing the innocent? While it may certainly seem that way, the insurance carriers must defend against major losses in order to remain operative.  Some of the new rules listed below for Rover owners only:

  • The Range Rovers will not be insured unless the owners have proof of secure parking.
  • If the Range Rover happens to be a 4×4, owners must purchase either underground parking or supervised secure parking.
  • Some reports indicate that the insurer may outright refuse coverage.

Thieves of high-end automobiles are targeting these vehicles because they possess keyless ignition technology. This technology is now easily hacked, with thieves gaining access within seconds via handheld devices capable of bypassing the vehicle’s security system.

Range Rover theftsDuring the same period of time, 63 BMW X5 SUVs were taken. There have been cases when an owner replaced a stolen Range Rover with a Range Rover, only to be declined coverage. While it is clearly out of the hands of Range Rover to write coverage, it seems they will need to rethink their technology strategy in order to attract buyers, because it is illegal to drive without insurance. What a sticky situation for all parties, what should the resolution be? Perhaps each policy should come with The Club..

Range Rover theftsPost by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals