The Best Looking Land Rover Defender Ever?

The 2015 Geneva Motor Show was the ideal stage for this unique Land Rover Defender kit. Kahn Designs is based in the UK and specializes in Land Rover Defender alterations with a quite imaginative flair. This one is called the ‘Flying Huntsman’ and packs a serious punch in the size and sheer mass arenas.
Click on the short clip above to get views of all angles of the Kahn Design Flying Huntsman 6×6:

The Kahn Design Flying Huntsman Defender 6×6 is packing an LS3 engine. The aftermarket tuners used the Land Rover Defender 110 as a base and modified 15 more inches up front to accommodate a GM 6.2-liter LS3 V8 engine. The engine is paired with a 6-speed automated transmission feeding power to all 6 wheels. That is correct, 6 wheels. This beast is prepared for any type of mission with a larger windshield for a better view and 30 extra inches of space in the rear. But for what excursions exactly is this creation intended? Transporting extremely heavy items around the countryside? There must be a purpose behind the design besides military usage?

Land Rover DefenderThis version of the Land Rover Defender is an additional 45 inches larger than the 4×4 model from which it drew its inspiration. The possible uses for a giant of this magnitude are endless–but it is far from a practical daily driver. The company has plans to produce both 4×4 and 6×6 layouts of the Flying Huntsman in the UK, where they will certainly be a treat to see out and about where larger vehicles are often frowned upon and scolded with a zesty vocabulary. For those who are confused, it is common in the UK for people to be more concerned with fuel economy and getting a fair price than it is for them to be impressed by bells and whistles and flashy vehicles. It leads to quite amusing encounters; some captured by the former series “Top Gear”.

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