Drama: China’s LandWind X7 Mimics Range Rover Evoque

One can find a Chinese forgery of practically any product, including the upscale Range Rover Evoque! The LandWind X7 SUV bears such a close resemblance to the Range Rover Evoque that Land Rover is busy deciding which course of action to take on the rather blatant annoyance.

LandWind X7

The LandWind X7 was unveiled at the Guangzhou auto show in southern China recently. It would have been hilarious to be among the heads of Land Rover when they witnessed the copy for the first time!

LandWind X7The LandWind X7

Range Rover Evoque

The Range Rover Evoque

So who is responsible for the LandWind X7 SUV? A joint venture company formed between Chinese companies Changan Auto and Jiangling Motors owns LandWind. It has been reported that both companies are somehow affiliated with Ford, though it is not clear if that claim is true. Ford owned Land Rover-Range Rover until 2008, when it was sold to TATA of India. That was around the time that SUVs and ‘gas guzzlers’ became incredibly unpopular due to the economic downturn. With new technologies improving fuel economy, the SUV has since made a full recovery. In fact, Jaguar Land Rover sold over 100k models in China alone last year, making China the most profitable market. Could Ford be feeling a tinge of regret for missing that gravy train?

LandWind-X7 A spokesperson for Land Rover released the following statement on the issue: “Once the matter has been investigated thoroughly, we will take whatever steps are appropriate to protect our intellectual property.” LandWind has not yet released a statement.

The LandWind X7 copycat is powered by a Mitsubishi-sourced 2.0-liter turbo four-banger petrol engine producing a modest 190 horses. It costs roughly one third as much as the Range Rover Evoque, as would be expected from such a product. Right now the issue is mostly rumors, more will spill out as actions are taken and further statements released.

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